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nuTravel, KDS and Serko have come together to form the first ever OBT Global Alliance aimed at providing Global Corporations with the best products, services, content and user experience - all localized for your organization's respective markets.

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"Often the global tools have low adoption levels in markets where the faring and content are different from those in their home markets. Low adoption is not the norm, but they're being told it is. What clients need is a support network." - Serko CEO Darrin Grafton
  • What do today's global companies need?

    To date, the corporate travel industry has yet to meet the growing technological expectations fostered by global innovation. The tools and associated technologies made available to regional entities have surpassed what any one corporate booking tool, GDS or TMC system can support.

    In today's business economy, travel managers need comprehensive global solutions more than ever; faster, more corporate-travel-centric innovation across all aspects of the travel supply chain and throughout the trip lifecycle. All too often, this means having to sacrifice local and regional requirements in the pursuit of "one size suits all" technology.

  • Localized delivery for a global market

    Of course, no one company or specific product can be everything to all. The rapid evolution of the global economy dictates to all global businesses the need to integrate the right tools and services for their sometime separate and specific needs – wherever, whenever – in order to assure success at every level and allow businesses to focus on their core offerings.

    Through the Mundi Global Alliance, the challenge of global convenience with local content and support will finally be delivered.

  • Rapid deployment, high user adoption = cost savings/improved productivity

    As Leaders in their respective markets across three continents, nuTravel, KDS and Serko have come together to form the Mundi Global Alliance – the first ever global OBT distribution partnership aimed at providing corporations with the best products, services, content and user experience; all localized to client organizations' respective locales.

    With operations based throughout North America, Europe and the ASPAC Region, each OBT product is localized for its respective markets; aiding in the delivery of industry-leading content and a premiere-level user experience while dramatically increasing the speed of deployment, training, While maximizing adoption, and "touchless" transactions.

    Together, the three companies recognize and target the urgent need to adopt faster yet far more comprehensive innovation across all aspects of the corporate travel supply chain and throughout the trip lifecycle.

One global "point of contact" for contracting & account management

As every business is unique, so is each and every country and culture in which the Mundi Global Alliance serves.
From online booking to expense management, – whether a single, global solution or local expertise – Mundi delivers.
"The vision for the Mundi alliance was to bring together three entities that served the needs of customers in their respective regions. " - nuTravel CEO Carmine Carpanzano

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